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Ikigai Travelers

After almost a month of living in a hotel we finally moved into our rental house. I feel nothing but gratitude for our new home away from home. Not only because our home is beautiful. But also because the owner was willing to acomadate for 3 pets which in Japan is uncommon, especially in a rural area. When my husband and I saw our new place we just hugged with joy and relief 😮‍💨. But now that we’ve moved in here’s my honest impression.

We had a simarly sized home in the US. Three bed room and two bath, but our home here has smaller room dimensions. This house is also multi level which is different from our house in the United States.

Everything is labeled in Japanese, which is awesome, but can be a little daunting, when I need google translate to figure out how to turn on the lights (several of our lights have remote controls as well as switchs). We also have some pretty steep stairs which make me a little nervous, especially with pets. The layout for the restrooms is totally different, the bath and shower are seperate from the toilet area. And we have a manual for how to take out trash, and even received a trast

My husband never liked the idea of wearing outdoor shoes in the house. But it’s never bothered me much. Here in Japan, it’s literally written into our lease “No shoes in the house”. So we had to go get special house slippers that are only to be worn in doors. It’s late fall here so I’m actually enjoying the house slippers.

Our home is a pretty modern, it has double locks on the doors. And the entrie locking system is high tech. Which not only seems more secure. But it is also much easier to use. Our house also has fun easter egg features, like a glow in the dark constalation ceiling design in one of the hallways, and a super fun home office space with a unique flooring.

I love the design of the home, because it feels user friendly. The kitchen for example is very ergonomic. The stove top is electronic, and there is lots of ventilation to prevent smoke or steam build up.

Our house has no carpet! We plan to add rugs, but no carpet is great, that makes clean up a million times easier. There’s a roof top patio, which I love!!! And to be honest I’m just super grateful to have a nice place to stay that accepts my pets. My advice if you are reading this before renting; collaborate with a good real estate agency.

Safe Travels 🧳

*The image used is not our rental

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