Ikigai Travelers

Ikigai Travelers

The ferry ride to the island! I was not expecting this to be such and enjoyable part of my experience but riding the ferry was actually really fun. There are multiple levels, where passengers can sit during the ride, and the veiw from the boat was great.

Snacks! You can buy so many unique snacks, and even drinks. We tried a carbonated lemonade that came with fresh mint, drinking it felt very interactive. You can also get and assortment of sea food dishes, oysteris especially popular is Hishorima. If you are a sweets person I’d recommend Momiji manjū which is a specialty pastry made with buckwheat and rice, and has filling that comes in a variety of flavors!

You will want to visit multiple times! Even though we visited for a few hours we didn’t see everything! We didn’t take the ropeway up the mountain or visit the aquarium, and for that reason we want to go back. I’d recommend dedicating a full day to exploring or make multiple trips which we plan to do.

It’s budget friendly! Even with parking, a round trip ferry ride, and lots of snacks for two people I’d say our total cost was less about 30 USD based on the current exchange rate (which is currently in favor of the dollar).

The Aquarium is really interesting and there are some really beautiful and animals there.

The ropeway is a great way to go up the mountain but you can also hike on foot.

If you want to go souvenir shopping there are plenty of options.

You can spend the night on the islandItsukushima Iroha,Miyajima Grand Hotel Arimoto, Hotel Miyajima Villa are just a few of the hotels you can choose from.

The deer, Miyajima is home to some adorable wild deer that are so much fun to watch.

Safe Travels 🥾

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