Ikigai Travelers

Ikigai Travelers

This story starts three years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. My then boyfriend asked me if I would consider moving to Japan. At the time, I said sure, and we started applying for Jobs. It didn’t take long, before we were both interviewed for jobs in Japan. Things were looking good… until March 2020. Everything came to a stop.

Fast forward to October 2022. We finally moved to Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan. Our goal is finally achived, but like all real life situations there are twists and turns no one would have predicted. There have been highs, visiting Toyko and traveling lows like the stress of moving to a new place. But we are incredibly thankful for everything we have, and we’re excited to share our adventures with you.


What we are doing now

We have visited 4 different Prefectures and want to travel the entire country. We are not only getting a chance to explore Japan, but we are also learningthe culture, language, and traditions of Japan.

We actually named our site ikigaitravelers, because of the concept of purpose the word envokes. We want to understand the history, and culture around us in a way that is not only intentional, but also gives our lives a broader sense of purpose.

Our goal with this website is to share the places we visit, provide advice/information based on our experiences, and hopefully inspire you to love Japan as much as we do.

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