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Ikigai Travelers

I currently live in Yamaguchi Prefecture and I’ve talked a lot about traveling to other prefectures but I would honestly say this is one of the surprising places I’ve been in Japan. Before moving here, I really didn’t know anything about the area and I never really heard it talked about. Now that I’ve had a chance to live here, here are some of my top 10 places that I want to visit:

  1. Nakamichi Beach

  2. Akiyoshido Cave

  3. Chomonkyo

  4. Mori Garden

  5. Kikugahama Beach

  6. Yamaguchi Beer

  7. Tottori Flower Park

  8. Chōfu Garden

  9. Ichinosaka River

  10. Kozan park


Until moving to picture I really underestimated the beauty and amazing things to do in this area. If you are considering or planning to visit or live in Japan, I would highly encourage checking out. Yamaguchi Prefecture. The people here are kind. There are lots of things to do if you know where to look and It’s a lot less touristy than some of my other favorite places.


If you have any else you’d add to this list please let me know 😁 Otherwise safe travels 🧳

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